Sunday, November 30, 2008

Significant Completion

The bathroom is mostly done. I need to seal the tile and get a shower door installed, but it's a matter of waiting at this point. It's been a big project. We started Demo the last weekend in September, so it's been about two months to this point. We haven't moved back into the space completely, but it's close enough. The picture above is our new shower, with a glass block window where the old one used to be.

In addition to saving thousands of dollars, I also amassed the following tools and supplies, which can be used at a future date:

A Jigsaw
A Tile Saw
Several miscellaneous plumbing fittings
Extra tile that I may use for a mosaic at some point
A 12 gallon shop vac

I also picked up some plumbing and electrical tips from my dad when we has out to help.

Now, I'm going to try and avoid as many home projects as I can over the holidays.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Life has been crazy. As mentioned earlier, we've been working on our main bath remodel. We started around the 1st weekend in October, and we're getting to the point of impatience with the family. My parents, who were in town to help out are long gone, so it's back to the routine of trying to perform at my day job, then doing what I can in the evening to complete projects. We are really close, and completing the tile shower is all that's left. It's complicated by the fact that I've never ever tiled anything before in my life, and that the shower is really the centerpiece of the bathroom remodel. We're working on the cheap, but I'm trying to shield the world from realizing it. Consequently, we're trying to take our time, and make it look really nice. Here's a quick pic.

As for our Benz, with the hardtop on (pic forthcoming), I'm still getting it out and about. I thought about canceling the insurance and letting it sit, but there are several reasons to keep driving it. So, as long as it's not raining too hard (or snowy), I get a chance to get it out and enjoy. It still runs really strong, and I'm looking forward to getting some projects done in the spring before top-down season starts again.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall is here

I got the hardtop on the Benz a couple of weeks ago. It makes it a much more comfortable car, and we're still putting it to good use on a regular basis so long as it doesn't rain too hard. Last night, Kim and I went to a charity auction. We were dressed nicely - I was in a tuxedo - and we received numerous complements from the valets at the hotel. In a city where late model Benzes, Porsches, and an occasional Bentley can be found, it's nice to know that a 27-year old roadster still gets complements.

As for the bathroom, we're pretty much to the point of significant completion. There is some minor trim and drywall finishing to do, plus hanging accessories like towel racks, and some small touch-up painting to do. After that, we'll probably move most of our stuff back, and then get to the tiling. Neither of us has done tiling before, so we're trying to take our time with it and come up with a good plan. Nonetheless, we can at least start to use the space we've got done. The new vanity area is in the picture above.